OpCOURAGE Midlands service user stories

OpCOURAGE Midlands is proud to provide a service making a genuine difference to our service users. 

Below are just some of the examples of the differences that have been made:


Phil Credland

Phil Credland Mug Shot.jpg

"I can categorically say they pieced me back together and I want to say ‘thank you for bringing me back to life’.

"In all my years’ service and after retiring I had never known what was wrong with me. I thought what I was going through was what everybody was experiencing. It was only when I met the team that I started to realise that I was struggling quite considerably with my mental health.

"They talked to me, understood what it was that I needed. They stabilised me, developed a care treatment plan for me and referred me to a psychologist so I could get the proper treatment.

“I’ve been given a second chance at life and for this I’m so, so grateful. I want to shout it from the rooftops how lucky I feel that I got the help I needed at such a low point in my life."

Nigel Unsworth

Nigel Unsworth.jpg

"It didn’t matter what I did, nothing would shake how I was feeling.

“Once New Year was over, I picked up phone as I knew I needed help.”

“It was great. I had regular checks to let me know what was happening and where things were going.

“OpCOURAGE is fantastic. It is definitely something I needed and is a service all veterans need to be aware of.”